Pop singer reveals that the phone threats were "the worst thing I have ever had to listen to"...

BILLIE PIPER has spoken in court of the “horrific” and “scary” phone messages left by an alleged stalker.

As previously reported on NME.COM, 32-year-old Juliet Peters, from London, denies five charges of threatening to kill the star, and four charges of threatening to kill Piper’s parents in August last year.

According to the BBC, speaking in London’s Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday (February 6), Piper said a series of telephone messages left on the answer machine at her label, Innocent Records, were “the worst thing I have ever had to listen to”. She said: “They were just awful, the worst thing I have ever had to listen to and actually, you know, quite scary…They were just horrific. I had no intentions of upsetting anyone and it just seemed very bizarre and it made me cry.”


The court heard that Peters left 13 calls to the label, after complaining that Piper had given her a “dirty look” on the Channel 5 music show ‘The Pepsi Chart’.

According to this morning’s The Sun newspaper, Peters claimed in one of the messages that “Billie Piper’s head needs cutting off…she needs decapitating”. However, Peters told the court that the phone calls were not to be taken seriously, and were made as a result of boredom and unemployment.

She said: “I was messing about. I was only joking…I hadn’t worked for a long time and was bored. I didn’t intend to harm anyone and no intention of anyone listening to the message to take it seriously.”

The trial continues today.