The pop singer was in court for the trial of a woman accused of making phonecalls threatening to decapitate her and kill her parents...

Pop singer BILLIE PIPER was present in BLACKFRIARS CROWN COURT in LONDON yesterday (February 5) to hear evidence against the woman who is alleged to have stalked her and waged a hate campaign of phonecalls threatening to kill her and her parents.

The accused, Juliet Peters, 32, denies five charges of threatening to kill the star and four of threatening to kill her parents.

The Court, which was told that Peters became obssessed after she believed that Billie gave her a dirty look while she was in the audience of TV pop show the ‘Pepsi Chart Show’ last May, heard 13 telephone messages that the accused allegedly left on the singer’s fan club phoneline.


According to The Sun newspaper today, the first said: “Billie Piper is a fucking cow and a fucking whore that needs cutting up into little pieces. She can sing and dance, but she’s a bitch and she’s going to die.” Another message said that she should be decapitated and her body burned, while another said that next time she appeared onstage she would be shot dead. Other messages said her parents would have their heads cut off, and another made abusive comments about Billie’s then-boyfriend Ritchie Neville from boy band Five.

The hate campaign is alleged to have continued from May, when a letter was received by Billie’s fan club which read: “Why did you give me such a dirty look from the corner of your eye? You are such a stuck-up snooty itch, an arrogant spoilt brat.” It was signed “yours angrily J Peters”. It continued until police traced some of the threatening calls to Peters’ flat and arrested her. When it was searched, the Court heard, a draft of the letter to Billie’s fanclub was found.

Prosecutor Mark Aldred said: “The defendant pursued a course of conduct that terrified Miss Piper and reduced her to tears. She was angry at Miss Piper and wanted to get back at her by making a threat of such seriousness that it would be noticed and believed.”

The case continues.