Billlie’s Moon Sua, ASTRO’s Sanha share tributes to the late Moonbin

The late ASTRO singer passed away this April at the age of 25

Billlie’s Moon Sua and ASTRO’s Sanha have shared tributes to the late Moonbin, who passed away in April 2023 at the age of 25.

On June 7, Moonbin’s younger sister Moon Sua and ASTRO bandmate Yoon Sanha took to Instagram to pay tribute to the late singer, following the 49th day of his passing (June 6). In Buddhist tradition, spirits of the deceased are believed to cross over to their next life on the 49th day, which also usually marks the final day of the formal mourning period.

Despite being inactive on her personal Instagram since she made her debut with Billlie in 2021, Moon Sua uploaded a brief clip of her late brother giving her a piggyback ride during a practice session for their ‘Candy In My Ears’ duet performance last June.


“As expected, Mr. Door-Frame-Moon’s back was broad and warm. I should’ve climbed on it more [when I could]. When I see you next, give me more rides,” she captioned. “My one and only brother, I still, as always, and always will remember and love you.”

Screengrab of Moon Sua’s Instagram story on June 7. Credits: @a_us_noom on Instagram.

ASTRO member Yoon Sanha, with whom Moonbin formed the sub-unit Moonbin and Sanha, also commemorated the day by sharing several photos of the duo hugging, in his first post since his bandmate’s passing.

“Goodbye, hyung. It’s really time to let hyung go now. Let’s meet again next time, ok? When the time comes, let’s keep hugging. Thanks to you, I was happy. Eat well and live well, I love you so much,” captioned the singer.

Today (June 7) also marks the opening of Moonbin’s long-term memorial space “Moon’s Space”, which is located at the Gukcheongsa Temple in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province. Fantagio had previously announced details on its location and visiting hours, and shared that the space had been set up at the temple per his family’s requests.


Prior to this, the agency had hosted several memorial spaces for the late singer in front of its building and later, on its rooftop, where family, friends and fans of Moonbin left flowers and notes. All letters and offerings can now be placed at the Gukcheongsa temple instead, though Fantagio has advised against leaving floral and food tributes due to “insects and debris” in the area.

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