Billy Bragg insists he remains a Jeremy Corbyn supported following ‘b/s’ newspaper article

Bragg accuses a newspaper of 'twisting my words to attack Corbyn'

Billy Bragg has reaffirmed his support for Jeremy Corbyn after a newspaper report suggested that he had branded the Labour Party leader “stuck in the last century”.

“I worry about Jeremy that he’s a kind of 20th century Labour man,” Bragg is quoted by The Times as saying. “We need to be reaching out to people. We need to be working with everybody we can because you can see what happens to a political party that becomes tribalist. We can’t afford to go down that route if we are to retain the ability to represent ordinary working people.”

Taking to Twitter earlier today (August 16), Bragg branded the article “b/s” and accused The Times, who ran his quotes under the headline “Corbyn is stuck in the last century says Bragg”, of “twisting my words to attack Corbyn”.

“I remain a JC supporter,” Bragg insisted.

Corbyn was booked to talk at this year’s Glastonbury Festival following an invitation from Bragg, who said in a statement at the time: “The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has galvanised a new generation of activists and this year at Left Field and we aim to give them a platform to discuss issues around social justice, the economy, gender and the possibilities for genuine change under a Corbyn government.”