Billy Corgan loses legal battle to take over TNA Wrestling

But the Smashing Pumpkins' frontman says he is 'in no way disappointed'

Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan has lost his legal bid to take control of TNA wrestling.

The ‘1979’ grunge icon had previously claimed that due to “multiple events of default,” he had the legal right to take over the wrestling company – after going from producer to be made president of TNA.

He then sued TNA, telling the court that he was legally entitled to majority shareholder Dixie Carter’s voting rights, that he should be able to “remove the managers of Impact Ventures, LLC” – and requested a temporary restraining order to prevent TNA from doing business without his consent.

Now, as The Tennessan reports, a court in Nashville has rejected Corgan’s claim – arguing that he did not meet ‘the required burden of proof’. Corgan has since taken to Twitter to respond, claiming that he’s in not disappointed by the result:


Earlier this summer, Corgan not only said that he was in the process of reuniting the ‘classic’ Smashing Pumpkins line-up for a tour – but that a new album would be in the same vein as their seminal debut and sophomore records, ‘Gish’ and ‘Siamese Dream’.

“I find myself obsessing on riffs in my head,” he said. “I would say if I was going to make an album of SP music again, it would probably be somewhere between ‘Gish’ and ‘Siamese Dream’ type styles.

“I think I’m ready to get back to big riffs, big choruses. So I guess I have to get Jimmy Chamberlin on the phone [makes facial tick] – there’s another tick – and maybe some other people [makes facial tick] who used to be in the band.”