Collaborations released on Paul Haig's new label...

PAUL HAIG, former Josef K singer and solo artist, has launched his own label – Rhythm Of Life Records – and will be releasing two albums of previously unreleased material by the late Billy Mackenzie.

‘Memory Palace’ is a collection of songs recorded by Billy and Paul Hague between 1993 and 1995. The second release will be songs recorded by Billy and keyboards player Steve Angle – including some of his last works.

Click here to check out the site, where you can also hear streamed tracks and order copies online.


V2 records will also be reissuing the Associates albums – ‘Sulk’, ‘Fourth Drawer Down’ and a new ‘best of’ compilation album.

MacKenzie had just signed to Nude Records and completed one of his best records in years – ‘Beyond The Sun’ – when he killed himself in 1997. His was one of the most distinctive voices Scotland ever produced.

Meanwhile, Creation subsidiary Rev-Ola records will reissue the seminal 1979 album by Paul Haig‘s original band Josef K‘s ‘The Only Fun In Town’ next month. It will be on CD along with the ‘unreleased’ second album (though in actual fact the ‘unreleased’ album has already been out – in the late 80s it came out as a limited edition on Supreme International Editions, the label run by Edinburgh journalist and broadcaster Alan Campbell).

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