Manda Rin pays homage to Polly Styrene...

Bis, whose new album ‘Social Dancing’ album is out on March 22, have covered the title track of X-Ray Spex‘s 1978 debut (and only) album ‘Germ Free Adolescents’ on the b side of new single ‘Action And Dancing’.

Bis and X-Ray Spex have a lot of common ground: the London punk band fronted by Polly Styrene were a shambollic and occasionally brilliant group steeped in the trash pop culture of the time whose songs and image celebrated plastic, day-glo and more plastic.

Singer Polly Styrene quit music after the release of the album after being visited by a UFO and told to reject all man-made products.


Bis’ ‘Action And Drama’ is released on February 15 through Wiiija Records. The other tracks on the three formats are ‘Not Even Close’, ’17 Hours’ and remixes of ‘Eurodisco’ by Scissorkicks and Les Rhytms Digitales.

Who has the sillier name: Manda Rin or Polly Styrene? Have your say. Post a message on Angst!

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