The Beastie Boys-owned label decide not to renew the Scottish popsters' deal...

Bis have been dropped by their American label, the Beastie Boys-owned GRAND ROYAL.

A spokesperson for the label told “The last album, ‘Social Dancing’, was released in America by Grand Royal through the EMI/Capitol system. EMI put a lot of time and effort into it, but it didn’t seem to work out. They had taken it to college level [in the States] but felt they couldn’t take it any further.”

He said the single ‘Detour’, their last release in America, “seemed to be hand-made for the American market” and had been well received. They had started working on promotion for the follow-up, ‘Eurodisco’, but the option to renew their deal with Grand Royal came up and the label decided not to pursue it.”


The spokesman added: “I don’t think it came as a surprise to the band or their management. We are very disappointed and upset because we did have a very good relationship with the band. But it seemed best for it to come to an end.”

A source close to Bis said the band are in discussions with two labels in the States.

As previously reported on, they release a six-track mini-album ‘Music For A Stranger World’ through Wiiija, on June 12, and play the following UK dates: Manchester Mutz Nutz (June 6) Leeds Cockpit (June 8)London Garage (June 10) Glasgow Planet Peach (June 11)

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