Bjork discusses Timbaland collaboration

As superproducer works on her new album

Bjork has discussed her much mooted collaboration with producer Timbaland.

The duo worked on four songs together, but it is not currently clear how many will end up on her forthcoming album ’Volta’.

Timbaland first worked with the singer’s music when he sampled her song ’Joga’ for Missy Elliott’s ’Hit ‘Em Wit’ Da Hee’ in 1997.


She told MTV News: “It was a mutual admiration thing going on, and over the years we had discussed working together one day. And (for ’Volta’) we just sort of decided to go for it.”

The singer added it was her admiration for Timbaland, not his name, that prompted the recent link up.

“It wasn’t like I was desperate for the hottest producer,” she declared. “I just thought for a long time that we might be really, really different, but we have this tiny little section that we have in common. I guess I was just up for a bit of action in my music, and maybe that’s why this became sort of the moment where we decided to go for it.”

As previously reported the follow up to 2004’s ’Medulla’, ’Volta’, is due out on May 7 and feature ten tracks, including a collaboration with Antony Hegarty of Antony & The Johnsons, who duets on the track ’My Juvenile’.

The album will feature the tracks ’Innocence’, ’Hope’, ’I See Who You Are’, ’Declare Independence’, ’Earth Intruders’, ’Dull Flame of Desire’ and ’Wanderlust’.

The singer is set to play Glastonbury Festival on June 22. She will headline the Other Stage.