Bjork teams up with Antony & The Johnsons

Bjork works with Timbaland on new album

Bjork has teamed up with Antony Hegarty from Antony & The Johnsons on her new album.

Details of the collaboration were posted on her on January 18 by the site’s “official correspondent” Meester Fly.

According to the post, Bjork has worked “with numerous people from truly different backgrounds” on the new album. Hegarty duets on two tracks and Justin Timberlake producer Timbaland has worked on a further two.

According to the post the singer and producer: “met for a couple of sessions and laid down some beats for two tracks, ‘then I took these tracks and worked on them further’ says Bjork. This is true, as I hear that she has taken them to another level.”

The singer has also worked with Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale and Mark Bell, who also collaborated with the star on her 1997 album ‘Homogenic’.

Musicians Chris Corsano, Konono nr.1 and Toumani Diabate also appear.

The album is still being worked on, according to Meester Fly, who explained: “More work is being done in the next few weeks on the new record. It has not got a name. The record is scheduled for a late spring release.”