Björk to release limited edition ‘Vulnicura’ live album

'Vulnicura Live' will be released on December 4

Björk will release a limited-edition ‘Vulnicura’ live album.

The album will be the third version of the Icelandic artist’s 2015 release following the original record and a forthcoming all-strings version that will be released in December.

‘Vulnicura Live’ features every song from the album except ‘Atom Dance’ as well as non-‘Vulnicura’ tracks including ‘History of Touches’ and ‘Come To Me’.

The album features all but one of the ‘Vulnicura’ tracks, plus seven more songs from Björk’s varied back catalogue. The album is restricted to 1,000 double-CDs and 1,000 double-LPs and will be released on December 4.


Björk released ‘Vulnicura’ two months earlier than planned after it leaked in January. She later explained on Facebook soon after that it is a “heartbreak album” and stated that the LP was influenced by the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney.

Touring the album has proved difficult for Björk. She cancelled a handful of festival dates due to a “scheduling conflict beyond [her] control” over the summer and added: “Singing this album has been intense and the internal clock of it different to the other ones. It has sort of had to behave in its own little way”.

Vulnicura Live Tracklist:

‘History of Touches’
‘Black Lake’
‘Come to Me’
‘I See Who You Are’
‘All Neon Like’
‘Mutual Core’
‘Mouth Mantra’