The star is compiling a double album for charity - and she wants to hear new mixes and cover versions of one of her songs...

BJORK is appealing to artists across the globe to help her complete a double album for charity.

The singer has decided to release a record of covers and remixes after she was sent several unsolicited remixes and cover versions of the song ’Army Of Me’ from the LP Post.

For years, mixes of the track, which range from hi-energy to death-metal, have sat gathering dust in the depths of Bjork’s office.

Now she wants your help in completing her forthcoming as-yet-untitled charity double album.

Submissions for new mixes and cover versions of the song are being invited by the singer before January 17.

The double album is expected to follow at the end of February.

All submissions must encoded to 128kbs mp3 and posted to


Include the name of your band, DJ, remix and contact details.

All proceeds from the album will be donated to the aid organisation UNICEF.