If you like 'Army Of Me' you’ll love it…

BJORK is set to give the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S EMERGENCY FUND a hand by releasing a charity record this spring.

The Icelandic songstress will issue a series of remixes and covers from artists around the world of ’Army Of Me’ on the One Little Indian imprint on May 2.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Bjork put out a call for artists to contribute their versions of the song, a hit in 1995, to her in January. After receiving over 600 submissions, the singer recruited former [a][/a] member Graham Massey, who co-wrote the single, to sift through the tracks with her.

The two took several months to whittle the entries down to a final 20 artists who come from all points across the globe including Sweden, America, Greece and the UK.

All the artists involved in the project have donated their services so that proceeds of the CD can benefit UNICEF. Bjork was inspired to put together the benefit project after the tsunami tragedies in south east Asia. The singer has set a target of raising half a million dollars for the charity within ten days of the release date.

The ’Army of Me’ tracklisting runs:

1. Interzone – ‘Army of Me’

2. Grisbi – ‘Army Of Me’

3. 50hertz feat. Häxor Och Porr, Slagsmålsklubben –‘Army of Me’

4. The Messengers Of God – ‘Army Of Me’

5. Dr Syntax ‘n’ CB Turbo Vs Rivethead – ‘Army Of Me’

6. Dr Gunni – ‘Army Of Me’

7. Martin White Accordion Mix – ‘Army Of Me’

8. Hemp – ‘Army Of Me’

9. Lunamoth – ‘Army Of Me’

10. Bersarinplatz – ‘Army Of Me’

11. Baker Mix – ‘Army Of Me’

12. Random – ‘Army Of Me’

13. Atoi Coverversion – ‘Army Of Me’

14. R Luvbeats (The Liquid Riot Mix) – ‘Army Of Me’

15. Pink Battle Mash Up – ‘Army Of Me’

16. Army Of Klaus Remix – ‘Army Of Me’

17. Rise And Dawn Of Me – ‘Army Of Me’

18. Liliom A(r)mour – ‘Army Of Me’

19. ‘Once More’ in CoF Minor (composed and performed by Mikhail Karikis) – ‘Army Of Me’

20. Tor Bruce – ‘Army Of Me’