'Medulla' will even feature an Inuit throats singer...

BJORK‘s has collaborated with a wide variety of artists on her forthcoming album ‘MEDULLA’, such as beatboxers including former Robert Wyatt member RAHZEL.

The singer also worked with Fantomas/Mr Bungle mainman Mike Patton, classical vocalist Gregory Purnhagen, singer / songwriter [a][/a] (on the track ‘Submarine’, Inuit throat singer Tagaq and the Icelandic and London choirs.

Acccording to Billboard, ‘Medulla’ was produced by Bjork, with help on four tracks coming from longtime collaborator Mark Bell. Matmos, Mum’s Valgier Sigurdsson, Olivier Alary and Jake Davies supplied the programming.

‘Medulla’ follows 2001’s ‘Vespertine’ and a limited edition version of the new album will feature expanded artwork and a poster. The LP is currently scheduled for an August 31 release in the US.

The ‘Medulla’ tracklisting is:

‘Pleasure Is All Mine’

‘Show Me Forgiveness’

‘Where Is the Line?’


‘Oll Birtan’

‘Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)’


‘Desired Constellation’


‘Sonnets / Unrealities XI’

‘Piano II’

‘Mouths Cradle’

‘Wednesday (Midvikudags)’

‘Triumph of a Heart’