'Hidden Place' features four exclusive tracks spread across the formats, which include a DVD release...

BJORK has confirmed the details for her new single, ‘HIDDEN PLACE’.

The track will be released on August 6 on two CDs and DVD, and will feature exclusive tracks ‘Generous Palmstroke’, ‘Verandi’, ‘Mother Heroic’ and ‘Foot Soldiers’ across the formats.

The track is the first to be taken from her new album, ‘Vespertine’, which follows on August 28. NME.COM has heard the album. To read an exclusive track-by-track preview, click here.

Speaking previously about the record, Bjork revealed that much of the album was written with Napster in mind.

She said: “‘Vespertine’ was very influenced by my laptop, and about people being obsessed with Napster and saying it compromised sound and me thinking that was rubbish. A lot of the beats were influenced by me thinking someone could download it and it would sound great.”

Outside of her work on ‘Vespertine’, Bjork is also working on a series of other projects, including a recording with composer John Taverner titled ‘Prayer For The Heart’.

Bjork is planning to embark on a world tour later this year and has announced four dates in France.

The dates so far confirmed are:

Paris La Grand Rex (August 18, 20)

Paris La Saint Chapelle (August 23, 25)