Björk explains tour cancellations: ‘Performing this album has been intense’

New album 'Vulnicura' is said to be about the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney

Bjork has issued a statement explaining her recent tour cancellations.

Last week, the Icelandic singer cancelled a handful of festival dates due to a “scheduling conflict beyond [her] control”.

Björk had been set to headline La Route Du Rock in France on August 15, Pitchfork Festival in Paris on October 30 and Iceland Airwaves on November 7, all of which have been dropped from her tour. She did, however, perform at Wilderness Festival over the weekend.

In a message posted to Facebook, Björk says, “i would like to thank everyone for the concert last night!!!!!! i have no words to describe how grateful i am for this tour: i would like to thank the crew and the promoters and the musicians and the management, the designers. and most of all my personal little team and the audience!!! these have truly been some of my most sublime moments!!”

She added: “Singing this album has been intense and the internal clock of it different to the other ones. it has sort of had to behave in its own little way. both the urgency of the leak and now this sudden closure for reasons beyond my control is characteristic of that. i hope through the years i have earned enough tour karma points to get your support for this.”

“I have started writing new songs and feel the best most natural pathway to go is to let this beast flow its natural course and start anew,” Björk concluded.


Björk had been promoting her ninth studio album, ‘Vulnicura’, which she surprised fans with in January when she rush released it two months early.

Björk explained on Facebook soon after that ‘Vulnicura’ is a “heartbreak album” and later went on to mention that the LP was influenced by the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney.

Björk will no longer appear at the following festivals:

La Route Du Rock, Saint-Malo, France (August 15)
Pitchfork Festival, Paris, France (October 30)
Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik, Iceland (November 7)