The full rundown on the eagerly awaited 'Vespertine' which, says the star, was written with Napster in mind...

BJORK has revealed details of her

forthcoming album, ‘VESPERTINE’, on her official website,

The star has also revealed that much of the album was written with Napster in mind. Songs from the album, which isn’t released until late August, have been available on the file-sharing service for over two months, although most have now been deleted.

Bjork said: “‘Vespertine’ was very influenced by my laptop, and about people being obsessed with Napster and saying it compromised sound and me thinking that was rubbish. A lot of the beats were influenced by me thinking someone could download it and it would sound great.”

Bjork, known for her past high-profile collaborations with Nellee Hooper and Tricky, has drafted in artists such as Matmos, Matthew Herbert, Opiate and harpist Zeena Parkins for ‘Vespertine’ alongside regular collaborators Guy Sigsworth and Marius de Vries. San Francisco duo Matmos, who are said to have created some of the albums beats by shuffling playing cards and cracking ice, contribute to ‘Hidden Place’, due out as a single on August 6, as well as album track ‘An Echo A Stain’.

The full tracklisting for ‘Vespertine’ is:

‘Hidden Place’


‘It’s Not Up to You’


‘Pagan Poetry’



‘An Echo A Stain’

‘Sun In My Mouth’


‘Harm of Will’


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The video for ‘A Hidden Place’ will be featured on Bjork‘s official website from June 18. The site currently has a mini-site dedicated to the new album, with a detailed biography, lyrics, photographs and soundclips.

Bjork sparked controversy recently when it was announced that she was planning to play at London Royal Opera House . Although it is understood that both parties have since vetoed the idea, Bjork is still planning to embark on a world tour later this year and has announced four dates in France. The dates so far confirmed are:

Paris, La Grand Rex (August 18, 20)

Paris, La Saint Chapelle (August 23, 25).