Chosen by her fans, there's no room for biggest smash 'It's Oh So Quiet'...

BJORK has announced the tracklisting to her Greatest Hits album.

As previously revealed, the singer will release her retrospective record on September 2 this year. The star decided to conduct a vote via her official website where fans can choose their ideal tracklisting.

Now, Rolling Stone reports that ‘It’s In Our Hands’, the new song which has formed part of her recent live set, will also be on the album.

The tracklisting runs: ‘All Is Full Of Love’


‘Human Behaviour’



‘Army Of Me’

‘Pagan Poetry’

‘Big Time Sensuality’

‘Venus As A Boy’



‘Possibly Maybe’

‘Play Dead’

‘It’s in Our Hands’

To coincide with the release of the ‘Greatest Hits’ album, Bjork plans to release a ‘Family Tree’ box set. This will include a small selection of her own favourite tracks, some of which have never been previously released, nor were they necessarily chart hits.