After four weeks of protest against plans for the building of a power plant, Hildur Runa Hauksdottir begins eating again...

BJORK has welcomed the decision by her mother to end her four-week hunger strike in protest at plans for a £2 billion power plant in the Icelandic wilderness.

According to reports on the BBC, Hildur Runa Hauksdottir began eating again on Sunday night (October 27), the beginning of her fourth week of protest.

She said Bjork, who flew in to see her on Sunday, was supportive but relieved. “She was pleased to hear that I had decided to stop the strike, of course. Yet she would have supported me if I had decided to continue, as well I might.”

The 56-year-old lost more than 14 lbs whilst hunger striking, during which time she consumed only natural tea and herbal remedies.

But she said she had achieved her aim, which was to draw global attention to the plans by US company Alcoa, who have permission by the Icelandic government, to build the aluminum smelter and hydroelectric plant above the glacier at Vatnajokull. The glacier is a haven for wildlife and rare plants, and was the setting for the video for Bjork’s 1997 single ‘Joga’.

“Americans, Europeans, people in the Far East have all contacted me asking how they can help, how they can stop this,” said Hildur. “I thank them for their support and I urge them to keep track by reading the campaign website ( But a lot more work needs to be done – time is running out.”