Nudity and piercing shows her as "raw, womanly and sexy"...

The director of the video for BJORK‘s new single, ‘PAGAN POETRY’, has told NME.COM that the ‘controversial’ promo, which features nudity and piercing, shows the vocalist to be “raw, womanly and sexy”.

‘Pagan Poetry’, the second single to be lifted from Björk‘s current album ‘Vespertine’, is released on November 5. The single is backed by two new tracks, ‘Domestica’ and ‘Batabid’, as well as remixes of the title track and album track ‘Aurora’ across the formats.

The video, directed by acclaimed photographer Nick Knight, is only being shown in full after 9pm because of its content. The promo features Björk topless, as well as graphic scenes of body piercing.

Speaking to NME.COM about the video, Knight said that it was his intention to show a “different side” to the Icelandic singer.

He said: “The first third of the video is almost completely abstract, and then it is a very strong performance straight to camera.

“I wanted to strip her down. She’s actually quite raw, womanly and sexy. There’s a different side to her that doesn’t come across normally in her videos. That’s what I asked her to do and that’s what she did. Her dress stops just below her breasts and she’s sewn pearls into her skin.

“She approached me with the idea. Her original idea in Iceland was to sew pearls into her nipples. She wanted to show her sexuality.

“There are two obvious piercings right at the end. If anybody is squeamish they should avoid the last 20 seconds. The piercings are in the back. But it’s not tribal or S&M – it’s about a women’s love for a man.”

The video is currently available to view on Björk‘s official website,

The video will also be shown at the Raindance Film Festival in London (October 24) as part of a combined screening of the first three videos from ‘Vespertine’.

Björk returns to the UK for a date at the London Royal Opera House on December 16. The show has now sold out.