The Icelandic star cites "increasing media frenzy" as the reason for her departure...

Bjork has pulled out of a scheduled European concert tour with the CHOIR VOICES OF EUROPE, citing the “increasing media frenzy” surrounding the project as the reason for her departure.

Bjvrk originally intended to perform three acoustic songs with the Voices of Europe – a choir made up of 90 young people from the nine different cultural cities, within the body of a two-hour performance on a tour of European cities.

The tour is due to start on August 26 at the Hallgrmmskirkja Church in Reykjavmk.


However, a statement released by the Reykjavik 2000 Cultural Office confirms Bjvrk‘s removal from the project. It states: “It has now been decided that Bjvrk will not join the choir voices of Europe on its tour to the European cities of culture. This decision is made due to the increasing media frenzy directed at Bjvrk after Palme d’Or in Cannes last May, and that in spite of the repeated efforts of her management and Reykjavmk 2000, her contribution to the choir has been blown completely out of proportion in the press.

“Her contribution was only to be approximately 10 minutes of almost 120 minutes but in spite of this the media has tended to represent it as a “Bjvrk concert”…she has felt increasingly concerned that her participation would dwarf the whole concept and distort the intention of this pan-European celebration of diverse cultures and music.”

Bjork has sung with the Choir Voices Of Europe once before, performing at The Pearl in Reykjavmk on New Year’s Eve last year when it became the European City of Culture.

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