The Icelandic songstress is awarded an isolated outcrop for services to her country...

Bjork is to be given her very own island by the Icelandic government for helping to put Iceland on the map.

The singer will be given the remote, mile long island of Ellidaey located in Iceland’s Breida Ford to work, live or relax on whenever she sees fit.

Icelandic Prime Minister David Oddsson, who calls Bjork “our beloved singer”, told his parliament: “We ought to do everything we can for her and show her as much respect as possible.”

Bjork had initially contacted the government to try and buy the horse-shoe shaped island, but on hearing her intentions, the prime minister intervened and insisted it be a gift to recognise how she’d enhanced “the glory and fame of Iceland.”

Bjork has recently been living back in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavic after spending time living in both the UK and Spain.

A source close to Bjork told [n] that the singer had been looking to buy an island for quite some time, and had previously been looking to purchase land off the coast of Scotland.

Her new island is four miles from mainland Iceland and can only be readhed by boat ro helicopter.

Meanwhile, Bjork releases a 17-CD box set of singles, b-sides and mixes on March 27.

The collection, called ‘A Selection Of Singles’ will also contain previously unreleased material.

In September, Bjork’s first major movie, Lars Von Trier’s ‘Dancer In The Dark’, will finally be released.

Also starring Catherine Deneuve, the film’s soundtrack has been written by Bjork herself and will be released around the same time as the movie, which is being described as a full-on musical.