New stalker incident prompts Bjork fears for safety of family...

Bjork is considering giving up music for good following another bizarre act by an obsessed fan, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen .

Police were called to Bjork’s mother’s house after a Spanish stalker broke in and left threatening messages relating to the singer.

Bjork told Swedish newspaper on October 24 that the man, who has been following her for four years, slept in her mother’s bed and ate her food. He also left threatening messages regarding the 32-year-old singer, although she lives elsewhere on the island.


Bjork told the paper: “This is worse than the mailbomb. That the people I love are subjected to threats because of me is horrible! And the thought alone that someone could hurt my son makes me feel sick. I feel very guilty.

“Maybe I have to stop releasing my music. Before I was 26, my motto was to never let anyone else hear my music. Maybe I should return to that attitude.”

Bjork’s press officer confirmed that her mother’s house had been broken into and that the incident had been reported to the police.

Robert Borjesson, the journalist who wrote the story, told NME: “She was upset when she told me about the Spanish fan. She said she had been thinking about it (giving up music) a lot lately and the more she has things like this the more likely it is to happen.”

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