Bjork stars in musical comedy...

Bjork will appear as a Ginger Rogers wannabe in Dancer In The Dark, a musical comedy which starts filming next April, her first major starring role in a film.

The film, which is expected to premiere at Cannes in the year 2000, is by cult Danish director Lars Von Trier. Bjvrk stars as an east European girl who goes to America with her young son, expecting it to be like a Hollywood film.

The style of the movie echoes ’40s American musicals. Bjvrk has already paid homage to this genre in her video for ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’.


“I really wanted to do the music for it, and Lars convinced me to act in it as well,” Bjvrk told NME. “I sing quite a lot in the film, and the girl in the film is kind of me in a funny way. At least one side of me. I think maybe the girl thinks she is like Ginger Rogers, but I think maybe she isn’t.”

Bjvrk is currently recording ideas for the soundtrack at the Greenhouse Studios in Iceland. Her co-star is French actor Jean-Marc Barr, who has previously featured in another Von Trier film, Europa. Bjvrk’s other film roles include Prjt-A-Porter, The Juniper Tree and Glerbrot.

Lars Von Trier directed the critically acclaimed Breaking The Waves as well as the surreal Twin Peaks-like hospital drama The Kingdom.

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