'Vespertine' is not going to be finished in time for its scheduled May release, and is now more likely to appear in August...

BJORK has delayed the release of her forthcoming album ‘VESPERTINE’.

An official spokesperson for Bjork in the UK told NME.COM this morning (March 13) that the record will not be completed in time for its scheduled May 22 release date.

As a result, ‘Vespertine’ is now not expected until “the end of August”.

Bjork was planning a series of live shows across the world, which will now also be delayed to coincide with the new release of ‘Vespertine’.

Bjork has already recorded videos for three songs from ‘Vespertine’ – ‘Hidden Place’, ‘Cocoon’ and ‘It’s Not Up To You’. It is anticipated ‘Hidden Place’ will be the first single to be taken from the record, although this has not been officially confirmed.

Speaking previously about the album, Bjork described it as the “opposite” of her last full studio album, ‘Homogenic’.

She said: “‘Homogenic’ for me was very emotionally confrontational and very dramatic, both in the melodic sense of the strings and the distorted beats; a lot of steroids in the air. ‘Vespertine’ is sort of the opposite – very introverted, very quiet and peaceful, and at peace with one’s self.

“This record is very much about inventing your own paradise, but underneath your kitchen table, so it’s very secretive. It’s sort of about being on your own in your house with your laptop and whispering for a year and just writing a very peaceful song that tiptoes.”