First chart-elligible DVD comes complete with high quality video and mixes...

Bjork releases a new single, ‘All Is Full Of Love’, on June 7 through One Little Indian.

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The release will be the first ever UK chart-eligible single in DVD format. DVD – Digital Versatile Disc – is the same size as a CD but can cointain far more information, including digital film and hours of music.


The follow-up to last November’s ‘Alarm Call’ single comes with a video from Chris Cunningham, who directed Aphex Twin‘s ‘Windowlicker’. Billed as ‘a science fiction love story’, the video features Bjork as a robot.

‘All Is Full Of Love’, taken from 1997’s ‘Homogenic’ album, is backed by remixes from 5-Ziq, Funkstorung and Guy Sigsworth, who played on ‘Homogenic’ and Goldie‘s ‘Saturnz Return’ album. The track was originally produced by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, who’s currently working with Oasis on their fourth album in France.

Meanwhile, Bjork is currently rehearsing for her role in the Lars Von Trier musical movie, Dancer In The Dark, also starring Catherine Deneuve. The film starts shooting this month and is scheduled for release in spring 2000.

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