The Icelandic singer clinches the prize for her starring role in Lars Von Trier's 'Dancer In The Dark'...

BJVRK was named Best Actress at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL last night (May 21) for her starring role in the LARS VON TRIER-directed ‘DANCER IN THE DARK’.

The film also picked up the prestigious Palme D’Or for Best Film.

The Icelandic star, who last week claimed the film would be her first and last starring role, echoed the sentiment during her acceptance speech.


“I don’t want to be an actress,” she said. “When I said yes [to the role] I knew that it would be not only my first role but also my last one, and I am very happy that this experience was the one.”

On-set tension between the singer and Von Trier has been well-documented, and the director last week described working with her as like “being with a dying person”.

However as the Danish film-maker picked up his best film award, he said: “Though I know Bjvrk doesn’t believe me, if you meet her, tell her I love her very much.”

In the musical, which the 34-year-old singer also wrote the soundtrack for, she plays a Czech immigrant in the US who is going blind and escapes into a fantasy world of music.

The film, set to open in the UK in September, has divided the Cannes crowds. Critics have been lukewarm, while audience reactions have been more positive.