The star will be at Dancer In The Dark despite nearly coming to blows with director Lars Von Trier...

Bjork is taking time off from writing her new album in a studio in SPAIN to attend the premiere of her movie ‘DANCER IN THE DARK‘ at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL next week, despite almost coming to blows with director LARS VON TRIER during filming.

The movie, a musical, was shot over several months at Zentropa film studios outside Copenhagen last summer and, as previously reported by, it marks Bjork‘s acting debut.

But Bjork and ‘Breaking The Waves’ director Von Trier are said to have rowed throughout filming, with one report claiming the singer ripped up a blouse she did not want to wear in one scene and ate pieces of it.


In the film Bjork plays the lead role of Czech immigrant Selma who is losing her sight and takes a job in an enamel factory to raise enough money for an operation for her son, who is also going blind.

The preview showing of ‘Dancer In The Dark’ takes place at The Palais in Cannes on Wednesday next week (May 17), although the film is not released until September. The soundtrack, which was written and produced by Bjork and includes a collaboration with Thom Yorke, will also be released in September. According to her official website [url=] it will be preceded by a single in June.

Bjork‘s spokesperson explained: “She was initially approached to write the soundtrack, and it developed from there into her playing the lead role.”

He added that although early reports hailed her screen debut a success, she was unlikely to accept any future acting roles, and will now concentrate on writing songs for her new album, which is not expected to be released until next spring.

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