The Icelandic pop pixie talks about her collaboration with the Radiohead frontman...

Bjork has described how she wanted to work with THOM YORKE on the soundtrack to ‘DANCER IN THE DARK’ because he is a “very pure soul”.

The pair collaborated on the song ‘I’ve Seen It All’, which forms a central part of the soundtrack to the heart-rending musical, which was scored by Bjvrk.

Speaking in this week’s issue of Time Out magazine in the UK, she said: “It was my idea to work with Thom. We spent four days in Spain just singing as and when we felt like it. He’s a very pure soul and I know he doesn’t do things lightly. So it was great that he agreed.”

‘Dancer In The Dark’, the Lars Von Trier-directed film which marked Bjvrk‘s first – and almost certainly last – acting role, had its UK premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival on Sunday (August 13). Bjvrk, who had a notoriously traumatic time during filming, was not at the premiere.