The odd couple will perform 'I've Seen It All', which is nominated in the 'Best Music (Song)' category...

THOM YORKE is to duet with BJORK at this year’s OSCARS in LA on March 25.

According to the official Bjork website [url=], the pair will perform the song ‘I’ve Seen It All’, which is nominated for the ‘Best Music (Song)’ Oscar.

The duet originally featured on Bjork’s ‘Selmasongs’, the soundtrack to the Lars Von Trier film ‘Dancer In The Dark’. The pair will be backed by a full band and 55-piece orchestra.

In other news, more details are emerging about the the new Bjork album ‘Vespertine’, provisionally scheduled for a May 21 release.

According to the Bjork website, songs which are being considered for the album include ‘Cocoon’, ‘It’s Not Up To You’, ‘Undo’, ‘Crave’, ‘Unison’, ‘Embrace’, ‘Fortress’, ‘Sun In My Mouth’ and ‘Aurora’, although this is not a complete list.

It has now also been confirmed Bjork will definitely play live shows in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London around the release of the record.

‘Vespertine’ is produced by Bjork alongside longtime collaborator and Oasis producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.