Björk debuts virtual reality ‘Stonemilker’ video at the Museum of Modern Art and Rough Trade

The clip was filmed using a 360 degree camera

Bjork premieres her new video for the track ‘Stonemilker’ this weekend, displaying the clip in London and New York.

The film, a virtual reality video shot on a 360 camera, will debut at New York’s Museum of Modern Art as well as the Brooklyn and east London branches of Rough Trade. It will be available to view for those who buy the musician’s new album ‘Vulnicura’ at Rough Trade East on Sunday (March 22), running at Rough Trade NYC from March 22-28. Find out more information here.

Björk says she chose the 360° technology for its “potential for intimacy”, stating that the coastal location of the shoot also “has a beautiful 360 panoramic view which matches the cyclical fugue like movement in the song”.

The Icelandic singer continues: “As you watch [the video] in the virtual reality headset it will be as if you are on that beach and with the 30 players sitting in a circle tightly around you”.

Björk recently released her surprise new album ‘Vulnicura’. Since the release of ‘Vulnicura’, Björk has discussed the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney, which inspired the album. The artist said that the 2013 split was “the most painful thing” she had ever experienced. Björk and Barney were in a relationship for over a decade and have one daughter, Isadora. Writing about her new album on Facebook, Björk called ‘Vulnicura’ a “heartbreak album”.

Björk will play her first European gig since the release of ‘Vulnicura’ at Manchester International Festival later this year. The Icelandic singer will play at the Castlefield Arena on June 5 in the most high-profile date in the annual festival’s pop and rock programme.

Björk was recently confirmed as one of the headliners for this year’s Wilderness Festival and for Reykjavik’s Iceland Airwaves in November.