Björk on ‘Vulnicura’ album leak: ‘There’s no way to say how you’d react’

Singer said she 'wanted to get album out the way'

Bjork has discussed the leak of her new album ‘Vulnicura’ – which led to it being rush released two months before its official release date – stating “there is no way to say how you should react”.

Speaking on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, Björk opened up about her “heartbreak record” and the circumstances that surrounded its release last week.

“There is no way to say how you should react,” she said. “In my situation, I had one thing going for me – the album was mastered and ready. I don’t know how I would have reacted if it was four months before. It might have been messier…. And I think also, because of the nature of the album for me emotionally, it’s the sort of subject matter where I really wanted to just get it out of the way, over and done with it. My gut reaction was immediately like that. It was an immediate album and I did it so quickly and it was like ‘Oh, it’s leaked, let’s just put it out.'”

Björk divulged that her manager initially told her that they had “erased all the leaks” and that the original release date would still stand, but she didn’t believe it.

She also spoke about working with producer Arca in Iceland, stating: “I work a lot on my own…. I actually like it, I don’t document it at all. It’s quite a secretive process for me. When [Arca] came, I’d done all the songs already, the strings and the structure of the song. A lot of it was done. When he came into it, it was more like a celebration, both because he’s total magic and so fun to be with.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

Björk announced the rush release of ‘Vulnicura’ in a post on Facebook last week (January 20) after a leaked version appeared on the internet. “Vulnicura will be rolling out worldwide over the next 24 hours!!” she wrote, before explaining that the album was written about the end of a relationship. Derek Birkett, founder of Björk’s record label, previously explained how he had reached out to Arcade Fire and Paul McCartney manager Scott Rodger and Megaforce Records’ Missi Callazo for advice after the leak.