Arca says working with Bjork on ‘Vulnicura’ was ‘everything an artistic collaboration should be’

New album was released digitally this week following online leak

Arca, the producer who worked alongside Bjork on her new album ‘Vulnicura’, has said that the process was “everything that an artistic collaboration should be.”

On Tuesday, Björk rush released the digital version of ‘Vulnicura’ two months early after the album was leaked online.

Speaking to The Fader about getting to know Bjork and how they work together, Venezualan producer Arca (real name Alejandro Ghersi) said: “The amount of trust that she placed in me, and the amount of trust I placed in her from the get-go, set the tone for our working together. It was weirdly enlightening, exciting, ecstatic, celebratory, interesting, and therapeutic—everything that an artistic collaboration should be.”

Arca also credits the time spent with the Icelandic singer as inspiring his own album, 2014’s ‘Xen’.

“If I hadn’t spent time with her and learned from how she worked—gained courage from our mutual appreciation for each other’s work—I wouldn’t have had the courage to go the path I did, to just not compromise,” he said. “She’s never really compromised. It’s always been about reflecting how she sees something and externalizing something that’s inside. After spending time with her, I understood that it’s possible to not compromise and get away with it.”

Since the release of the record, Björk has discussed the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney, which inspired the album. The artist said that the 2013 split was “the most painful thing” she had ever experienced. Björk and artist Matthew Barney were in a relationship for over a decade and have one daughter, Isadora. Writing about her new album on Facebook, Björk called ‘Vulnicura’ a “heartbreak album”.