Bjork releases new track ‘Virus’ today – audio

Third single from 'Biophilia' released

The third single from Bjork‘s latest album is available to download today (August 9).

‘Virus’ has been released as a single through One Little Indian and as a special feature of the ‘Biophilia App’ for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, available on iTunes.

The official explanation of the app describes the content as featuring:

A large cell surrounded by others floating on screen. Small viruses appear, latch on to the cell, and inject their DNA. The strands amass and penetrate the large cell’s nucleus, then the viruses replicate. The song is complete once the cell is destroyed.

Bjork says the inspiration for the song came from a throat infection.

‘Virus’ was created by Björk in collaboration with interactive artist and app developer Scott Snibbe.

Last week Bjork unveiled the Ultimate Box set for Biophilia, with a price tag of £500.

You can hear the ‘Crystalline’, the first single from ‘Biophilia’, by clicking here and you can hear ‘Virus’ below.

While ‘Biophilia App’ is available from iTunes now, the physical release of the album, through One Little Indian, is to be released on September 27.