Bjork: ‘David Attenborough was my rock star’

Singer tells of influence of 'natural science' on new album

Bjork has spoken about her new album, its scientific influences and how David Attenborough was a ‘rock star’ to her.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the inspiration for the new album, ‘Biophilia’, Bjork said, “I’ve always been interested in science. My favorite subject in school was math, so I was quite often alone in classes with boys and chess nerds.

“When I was a kid, my rock star was David Attenborough.”

In the interview the singer also revealed how she was invited to score a 3D film for National Geographic. She enthused, “I was like, ‘Wow, that would be the coolest thing ever,’ I would be label mates with sharks and lemurs!”

Sadly for the Icelandic songstress the project fell through after its director, longtime Bjork collaborator Michel Gondry, became too busy with other projects.

Gondry did, however, return to work with Bjork, creating many of the video installations for the ‘Biophilia’ exhibition.

Bjork is set to start a six-night residency as part of the Manchester International Festival, performing at the city’s Campfield Market Hall tonight (June 30) and then every Monday and Thursday, until July 16.

Her first single from ‘Biophilia’, ‘Crystalline’, is released today (June 30).