Björk working on new music that will ‘blow you all away’

Last album 'Vulnicura' was released in January 2015

Bjork is set to release new music, according to associates Tri Angle Records.

The Icelandic singer released her most recent album ‘Vulnicura’ in January 2015, which was produced by Tri Angle artist The Haxan Cloak.

A recent Instagram post from Tri Angle Records boss Robin Carolan sees him discuss Björk’s creative process, denying speculation that the star doesn’t produce her own music.


“Just wanted to get something off my chest, because it’s been irritating me – I’m constantly being asked if Bjork is in charge of her records,” the statement reads.

“Simple answer; yes. She is the boss. 100 percent. She writes, produces, composes, sings. She might bring people in to facilitate her vision, but first and foremost it is HER vision. Guys (and it’s always guys) need to understand this. She needs no one. How much incredible music does one woman have to release until people cut this crap?”

Tri Angle then add: “And yes, her new material is going to blow you all away.”

Björk cancelled her ‘Vulnicura’ world tour last year, citing a “scheduling conflict beyond control”.


In a statement posted online at the time, she also said that “performing this album has been intense” due to the personal aspect to the record. Björk had described the LP as a “heartbreak album”, influenced by the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney.

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