Bjork replaces Robert Plant as Led Zeppelin’s lead singer

Coldplay record in zero gravity, and other April Fools' Day madness

In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Bjork announced on her website today (April 1) that she will be replacing Robert Plant as lead vocalist in Led Zeppelin.

The Icelandic singer said that the legendary rockers’ world tour was “in turmoil after original singer Robert Plant decided to concentrate on live work with Allison Krauss,” so she decided to step in and fill the position.

Meanwhile, Coldplay posted a news item on their website today, claiming that they’ll be donning space suits to record with producer Brian Eno in zero gravity.

The posting said: “Later this year, the band will board a modified Boeing 727 aircraft, which can provide zero gravity for periods of 20-25 seconds at a time. Wearing self-designed outfits based on early Russian cosmonaut suits, they will be joined by producer/collaborator Brian Eno, who will use custom-made ‘heavy’ microphones to record the sessions on a 1969 analogue cassette player.”

“We’ve been searching for the right environment to record the perfect snare drum sound for many years now, and I’ve just got a gut feeling that zero gravity is the place to do that, y’know?” Chris Martin said in the statement.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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