The Icelandic pop pixie also has news about her new album...

A documentary following Bjork through the promotional duties for her award winning film ‘DANCER IN THE DARK’ has been made available through her website, [url=]

The documentary features tracks from the ‘Dancer…’ soundtrack ‘Selmasongs’, as well as clips from the film. It also features exclusive interview footage with Bjork.

Speaking about ‘Dancer In The Dark’, Bjork said following the filming she became “gagging to be Bjork again”. She continued: “I (want to) be doing music again now. Although that CD (‘Selmasongs’) is there and I fought very hard to make it how I thought Selma would like it to be. I kissed her a very beautiful goodbye kiss.”

Bjork continues to work on a new album, the follow-up to 1997’s ‘Homogenic’. Speaking previously Bjork said that it has a working title of ‘Domestica’ and is “gentle, humorous, happy and kind”. She continued “It’s gone really well, it feels very exciting. It’s definitely a place I’ve never been in before. It seems like an actual continuity of all the places I have been!”