China restricts foreign performers after Bjork’s ‘outburst’

Government says it will ban artists who 'threaten national sovereignty'

China has announced that it will impose severe restrictions on foreign performers following Bjork‘s ‘outburst’ at her concert there earlier this year.

In a statement posted on its website today (July 17), the Chinese government said that it will ban all entertainers from overseas, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have ever attended activities that “threaten national sovereignty.”

This comes after Bjork‘s recent performance in Beijing at which she made a vocal show of support for freedom in Tibet, a subject considered taboo in China.


“Any artistic group or individual who have ever engaged in activities which threaten our national sovereignty will not be allowed in,” the Ministry of Culture said in a statement in Chinese on its website.

During performances, entertainers who “threaten national unity,” “whip up ethnic hatred,” “violate religious policy or cultural norms” or “advocate obscenity or feudalism and superstition,” will also be banned, reports Reuters.

The government also said that it must approve the content of all encore performances as well.

After the incident, Bjork stated, “Songs like ‘Declare Independence’ for me are about humanity. I stand by what I said.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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