Björk unveils rebirth-themed video for ‘Arisen My Senses’

She's coming out of her cocoon

Björk has unveiled the new video for ‘Arisen My Senses’.

The video features interpretive dance, a moth-like costume and close-up shots of the Icelandic musician’s mouth.

Björk is also seen moving around inside what appears to be a kind of white womb or fleshy cocoon.



In the video, she’s joined by the producer Arca, whilst London-based visual artist Jesse Kanda contributes graphics.

Watch the video via WeTransfer.

‘Arisen My Senses’ bears a strong similarity to Kanda’s earlier work with the musician, including the ‘Mouth Mantra’ video.


Earlier this month, Björk released the video for her latest album’s title track, ‘Utopia’.

She has also suggested that work may already be underway on an alternate, live version of the ‘Utopia’ album.

The avant-garde songwriter told Matt Wilkinson of Beats 1: “There were a lot of flute things I didn’t completely explore.”

“I just want it to happen organically in early spring,” she added. “We have some additional flute songs and some different kind of angles.”