Björk shares beautiful new video for ‘The Gate’

Her new album 'Utopia' is coming soon

Björk has unveiled the ambitious new video for her latest single ‘The Gate’. Check it out below.

After sharing the single last week, Björk revealed that her upcoming ninth album will be called ‘Utopia‘ – and is believed to be released in November.

Now, she’s unveiled the video for the track. A collaboration with Gucci who designed the custom-made dress for the clip, the video was directed by long-time collaborator and artist Andrew Thomas Huang, with creative direction by Björk, Alessandro Michele and James Merry.


“’The Gate’ is essentially a love song, but I say ‘love’ in a more transcendent way,” Björk told Nowness. “‘Vulnicura’ was about a very personal loss, and I think this new album is about a love that’s even greater. It’s about rediscovering love — but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.”

Huang added: “The Gate picks up where 2015’s Vulnicura left off. It is the first glimpse into Björk’s utopia. The doorway lies within the wound from ‘Vulnicura’, which now appears transformed into a prismatic portal channelled between the chests of two lovers. Not lovers in the quotidian romantic sense, but in a broader cosmological way.

“As a throughway into Björk’s new album, The Gate is a declaration of hope sung by a woman refracted and re-formed into a luminous whole.”

The video was shown at a London Fashion Week installation by NOWNESS that took place over the weekend. NME was in attendance at the initial premiere on Friday, when Björk and collaborator Arca treated guests to special DJ sets.

Bjork songbook

Bjork has also shared the lyrics to ‘The Gate’:

“My healed chestwound
transformed into a gate
where I receive love from
where I give love from
and I
care for you
I care for you
split into many parts
splattered light beams into prisms
that will reunite
if you
care for me
and then I’ll care for you
didn’t used to be so needy
just more broken than normal
proud self sufficiency
my silhouette is oval
it is a gate
I can care for you from
I care for you
you care for me”



Artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang is responsible for producing some of Bjork’s most striking recent music videos – including ‘Blake Lake’ and ‘Mutual Core’ – and told The Fader he was also working with the musician on a video for the new record.

Asked about the sound of the new album, he replied: “I think it’s a bit too early for me to say at the moment, but, you know, Björk’s already written quite a bit of it. We just want to evolve what we did in ‘Vulnicura,’ which was so personal and introspective.

“What I can say is this new album’s gonna be really future-facing, in a hopeful way that I think is needed right now. I’m excited. It will probably be utilizing more of my visual effects background as well.”