The album will contain covers, B-sides and videos...

BLACK BOX RECORDER have confirmed details of a new compilation titled ‘THE WORST OF BLACK BOX RECORDER’.

The album, released on September 10 contains B-sides, rarities, covers and remixes as well as the four videos the band have made in their career – for the tracks ‘The Facts Of Life’, ‘Child Psychology’, ‘The Art Of Driving’ and ‘England Made Me’.

The covers on the album are of Terry Jacks’ ‘Seasons in the Sun’, The Dodgems’ ‘Lord Lucan Is Missing’ and David Bowie‘s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide’.

The album will only be available on import via Jetset and the confirmed tracklisting runs:

‘Seasons In The Sun’

‘Watch The Angel Not The Wire’

‘Jackie Sixty’

‘Start As You’

‘Mean To Go On’

‘The Facts Of Life (Remix by The Chocolate Layers – Jarvis

Cocker & Steve Mackey)’

‘Lord Lucan Is Missing’

‘Wonderful Life’

‘Uptown Top Ranking (Remix by Black Box Recorder)’


‘Factory Radio’

‘Soul Boy’

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide’