The Black Crowes’ logo resurfaces on billboards, teasing a reunion

Four years after their disbandment

The Black Crowes’ logo has been spotted on billboards in Wisconsin and New Jersey, teasing a potential reunion four years after their disbandment.

The band’s cartoon logo was spotted on digital billboards in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday (November 4). A fan also noticed the logo at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey, JamBase reported on October 30.

The Black Crowes’ Facebook page was updated about a week ago with the same logo, the Sentinel notes.


Posted by The Black Crowes on Monday, October 28, 2019

The Black Crowes, led by the brothers Chris and Rich Robinson, broke up in 2015 after a disagreement between them.

The band’s logo resurfacing comes after widespread industry speculation that the Black Crowes would reunite to tour in 2020, which marks the 30th anniversary of their debut album ‘Shake Your Money Maker’. Founding drummer Steve Gorman told the Wall Street Journal last month he had heard that the Robinsons were reuniting, but he hadn’t been asked to join.

In a more recent interview published November 2, Gorman expanded on the possibility of the Robinsons reuniting under the Black Crowes banner. The drummer said he doesn’t think the Robinsons are interested in moving forward with past collaborators, so it’s unlikely he will be invited to participate in a reunion tour.

“They’re not about to [ask me to take part in a reunion tour],” the drummer said in an interview with New York radio station WBAB, as Blabbermouth reports. “They’re not about to say, ‘We wanna give up money’. I mean, that’s what this tour is about. When you’re booking a tour before you have a band, you’re not booking a tour for musical connectedness and satisfaction.”

He added, “That said, they have every right to do it, and I don’t begrudge anybody that can make a living playing music, especially songs they wrote. But they’re not considering that at all.”


Gorman continued, “I think they’re in a place where, I would imagine, they’re not interested in having anybody from the past work with them. It just makes it cleaner and easier, because to bring people back to do it right, you have a lot of explaining to do, you have a lot of apologising to do, and you’ve gotta make up for a lot of damage you’ve caused. I don’t think either one of those guys has any interest in those steps; they just wanna go get what they need.”

In a statement at the time of the Black Crowes’ disbandment, guitarist Rich Robinson said he could not abide his brother’s “demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100 per cent of his share, reducing him to a salaried employee”.

Vocalist Chris Robinson later responded to his brother’s claims, saying the circumstances that led to the band breaking up were “way more complicated than Rich’s public outburst”.