Black Eyed Peas at T In The Park: ‘Barack Obama has really helped America’s image’

Fergie also champions La Roux at Scottish bash

Black Eyed PeasFergie has hailed US President Barack Obama for helping to restore the world’s faith in America.

The singer believes Obama has helped rebuild relations with the the rest of the globe since he became President in November 2008. Watch her talking to the NME about him in a video to your right.

“I think Barack Obama definitely gave a different perspective of America on other countries and I think in terms of foreign relations he’s really helped us and the way people think about America,” she said.

“He’s a great speaker and I myself got to go to the White House,” she said. “But I wish he would do more for gay marriages though. That’s the one thing I want to happen!”

Fergie also hailed La Roux during the band’s trip to T In The Park at the weekend.

“I heard La Roux on the stage as we were coming in, but I wish I could have seen her perform – I love that song ‘Bulletproof’,” she enthused. “I love the festival vibe too. I wore the wrong outfit today because it’s muddy and cold and I didn’t know.”

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