Black Eyed Peas’ to release new solo album

Fergie spills the beans about new album 'Black Einstein'

William is set to release a new solo album, according to bandmate Fergie.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman told Holyscoop TV that the rapper had already completed the disc.

She said: “I believe Will is coming out with a solo album. I’ve heard it. It’s called ’Black Einstein’ and it’s amazing.”

Fergie added: “I’ve been waiting for him to come out with this for so long because I want it. He won’t give it to me. I want it for the gym. He’s so amazing – just such a genius lyricist and I’m really excited for his project.”

His last solo album was 2007’s ’Songs About Girls’ which, last year, he admitted wasn’t a success.

He said: “Because that album did not succeed, it taught me what to do with the Peas and what not to do.”

Fergie recently said that The Black Eyed Peas were due “a break” from releasing material together. After denying that she was working on a new solo album herself, she said: “I am so excited to take a break. The guys know that I’ve been waiting and it’s time.”