The Black Eyed Peas disown ‘My Humps’ tries to sever ties with his band's 2005 single

The Black Eyes Peas have tried to disown their 2005 hit single ‘My Humps’.

The Daily Record reports that frontman has said that the band have often thought that they never want play the song again.

He said: “It wasn’t lyrical miracles. It got to the point where we didn’t want to play it no more. But the beat was rocking.”

Meanwhile, DJ Orrin Lynn Tolliver has successfully sued for “improper use” of the sample from his 1982 rap song ‘I Need A Freak’ which appears on ‘My Humps’, reports

‘I Need A Freak’ was recorded at collaborator James McCants‘ recording studio. McCants later licensed the track out without Tolliver‘s knowledge, including for use on the Black Eyed Peas track.

A judge ruled that McCants is required to pay Tolliver $1.2 million in profits and damages.