Black Eyed Peas speak about current hiatus

After their break they will return to 'make beautiful music'

Black Eyed Peas have spoken out about their current hiatus, which began after their show at Miami Sun Life Stadium last week (November 23).

The members of the multi-million selling pop R&B group will now set about work on their own personal projects, meaning there won’t be any new Black Eyed Peas material for the foreseeable future. At the Miami show, singer Fergie told the crowd: “Tonight is our graduation. It’s a very special night for all of us… We’re so thankful to be sharing this night together.”

The show saw them performing with T-Pain, Sean Kingston, Cee Lo Green, Jason DeRulo and Queen Latifah.


Before the gig, the band appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where explained the band “always have two cycles of records and then we take a break.” He also revealed that the band will return to “make beautiful music”, reports MTV News. has just released his star-studded single ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)’, which features guest spots from Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez.

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