Black Eyed Peas announce new album

The group are set to follow up to 'Monkey Business'

Black Eyed Peas have almost finished their follow up to 2005’s ’Monkey Business’.

The album is set to be released in the latter half of 2007.

The band have been recording tracks on the road. Leader Will.I.Am said: “We have 12 songs and we’ll probably do another 30 or 40 songs.”

The singer added that despite tackling social and political issues, the album will be: “A fun record…We are not complaining. It’s not ‘Oh everything messge up! Oh my gosh, we’re doomed!’ It’s a thinking record. It brings up what’s happening in the world. ’Monkey Business’ didn’t do that.”

The rapper mentioned that he was worried the band would lose what made them in the first place.

“We’re afraid of losing what got us here, and that was humbleness and thunder,” he told Billboard.

“It’s easier now than it was in 1996. But it’s still that fear of losing that drive and motivation and determination now that you’ve accomplished something. That’s what scary to us.”