The unusual collaboration happens at the Big Day Out festival Down Under...

The Darkness have been collaborating with the Black Eyed Peas Down Under at Australia’s BIG DAY OUT festival.

Spandex-clad singer Justin Hawkins has been jumping onstage with the ‘Where Is The Love?’ hip-hop collective during their festival appearances to add his vocal gymnastics to the track ‘Retarded’.

Black Eyed Peas Will I Am said: “At first there was a bit of weirdness between us and them in London. Our songs were at radio at the same time and we kept them out of the Number One spot for about seven weeks. They are from the UK. It felt kind of weird. We didn’t gel at first.”


He added: “The more we saw them at awards ceremonies and big awards we kind of joked around with them and became acquaintances. So on this tour its like ‘Hey, what’s up Justin?’ and he said we should do a song together. I thought ‘A song with The Darkness? That would be pretty cool.’ He comes up to me and said he wanted to jump on stage with us so I told him to come on during ‘Retarded’ because that is the perfect song.”

However, the collaboration may not stop when the Big Day Out festival – which hits Adelaide tomorrow (January 30) – wraps up in Perth on Sunday (February 1). According to rapper Taboo, the Black Eyed Peas may add The Darkness‘ frontman to their wish-list for their fourth album ‘Monkey Business’ – due out in November 2004.

Telling Undercover News about who the band would like to work with on the record, he said: “Beyonce, she is really nice. The Darkness, those dudes are really cool. Hopefully, Coldplay. We met them on Big Day Out 2001 and have become cool friends. We’ve been hanging out with Will Champion (drummer) on the first half of the Big Day Out tour. I have a clothing line called I Am Clothing and Will Champion wore some of my pieces at the MTV Music Awards in America. That might come to fruition.”