A candle is blamed for the inferno...

A studio where Black Eyed Peas have been recording has been damaged by a fire.

The rap collective had been working on new songs at the Glenwood Place Studios in California when the fire broke out.

It has been reported that the apparent cause of the blaze was a candle that was left unattended


Band member Will I Am told KABC-TV: “Guitars, drums, drum kits, keyboards, microphones, classic instruments that we’ve collected with our worldly travels are now destroyed.”

Equipment damaged in the blaze is said to have been valued in the region of $500,000.

A spokesperson for the studio added: “A candle ignited a sound-absorbing (microphone shield) set up for recording vocals. At the time the fire started, no one was in the studio, as the artists and staff were in an adjacent room at a meal breakā€¦ Will.I.Am and the band assisted in making sure all people on the premises were safe and accounted for. The band was heroic in their assistance.”

MTV news reports that approximately 20% of the studio facility has been affected by the blaze.